Angels Power Rankings: Halos tied for 17th on World Series odds list

Mike Trout, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Trout, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports /

According to WynnBET, the LA Angels are tied for 17th in their World Series odds.

They are tied with the Cleveland Indians and the Seattle Mariners for +7500 odds.

They have been playing much better than Cleveland lately, who has three straight losses. That being said, they have a brutal schedule for the rest of the year. They’re in arguably the best division in baseball.

It’s nice to see the Angels on par with their division foes in the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are a few games ahead of the Halos, but clearly the Angels look like they’re on par with Seattle. This ranking is a little bit better than MLB’s most recent ranking.

MLB’s most recent power ranking had the LA Angels at 20.

With our LA Angels, a lot is going to come down to Mike Trout’s health. Trout is still yet to get going on any baseball activities, and that’s cause for concern.

Angels GM Perry Minasian said that they aren’t worried about having to shut him down for the year, as they like to go day-to-day when it comes to injuries.

If Trout doesn’t come back, though, it’s going to be incredibly hard for the Angels to get back in the race. They’re 7.5 games out in the wild card race, and there are eight American League teams ahead of them in the WynnBET rankings.

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They’re going to be playing a lot of games against those teams, and two of them are in their same division. The Halos have a lot to overcome if they want to climb up into the postseason, but they’re still alive as they are back up to .500 for the 23rd time.