LA Angels: Jo Adell earns himself a new fan with kind-hearted move

Jo Adell, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Jo Adell, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /

I love having Jo Adell up on the LA Angels.

Not only do I like the way he’s been playing these last few games, but he’s got great character.

One of the future cornerstones of this franchise, Adell will continue to make many fans all over the Los Angeles area. He’s already gone coast-to-coast in acquiring fans, however, as he made an Orioles fan’s night on Wednesday:

Jo Adell is an absolute class act for the LA Angels.

Not only has Jo Adell gone 5 for 12 in his last three games for the LA Angels, and not only does he have 16 RBI in just 21 games this season. Jo Adell is also proving himself to be impressive through who he is as a person by this move.

I don’t blame the young man for picking up a new favorite player. Adell is certainly one of my favorite players as well.

I have no idea how someone can see this and not be impressed with who Adell truly is. Very few players would have gone up and got a signed bat for somebody like this. Very few would think to go these kinds of depths to make it up to a fan.

Sure, we have a lot of great guys on our team, but the reality is that there are very few Major Leaguers who would do this.

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Adell is already making his mark on this league, and not just for his play on the field. Adell is a genuinely good guy, and is using the game to be that person on an even bigger stage.