LA Angels: Jose Quintana is out after horrendous tenure with Halos

Jose Quintana, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Jose Quintana, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

Jose Quintana had a terrible season this year for the LA Angels.

He had a 6.75 ERA in his 24 appearances for the Halos, which included 10 starts in the rotation.

Luckily, the San Francisco Giants have claimed him off of waivers from the Angels.

Jose Quintana will not be missed by LA Angels fans.

Jose Quintana was a massive disappointment and waste of money for the LA Angels this season.

We spent eight million dollars on him this year. At least the Giants will spend the rest of that eight million, but we still overspent in the time he was here.

There’s a narrative that Quintana isn’t all that terrible in the pen, but look at this stat from FanSided’s own Jeff Young:

Yes, Quintana was overall a bit better as a reliever, but he would ride the bench on a good team.

Quintana has been a good pitcher before, and even an All-Star in 2016. From 2012 to 2018, Quintana posted a 3.60 ERA and a 1.250 WHIP.

With Joe Maddon in Chicago, he had a 33-23 record from 2017 to 2019. With Maddon here, he had an 0-3 record.

It’s safe to say that the experiment of reviving Quintana’s career with his former manager failed miserably. He had a 1.781 WHIP this year, which is not only horrendous but the worst of his career.

The only thing Quintana seems to do well is strike batters out, and he has struck out 12.3 batters per nine this year, and 12.1 dating back to last year.

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That doesn’t help much when the batters you aren’t striking out are absolutely teeing off on you, and that’s what’s happened with Quintana this season.