LA Angels: Here’s how LAA can cause historic pileup in Wild Card race

Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Angels are obviously knocked out of the AL Wild Card race, but can still make a major impact on the result of what could be a chaotic final American League playoff picture.

Jomboy recently came out with an insane conclusion about the race.

There could literally be a five-way tie for this thing, and obviously the Angels are involved. They may have just played the Mariners, but they still have three more games against the M’s to close out the season.

There may be many American League teams rooting for the LA Angels to beat the M’s in their last series of the year.

If the LA Angels can at least win one of the games against the Mariners, the chaos will fizzle out a little bit, as Jomboy explained.

If someone is rooting for chaos, which is very understandable and would be fun for anyone who doesn’t get bounced from the playoffs as a result of it, they’re unfortunately going to be rooting for us to lose.

I will say that it is possible that the Angels get swept this weekend. They took just one of three from the Mariners in this past series, and they were at home.

It’s only going to get tougher when we have to travel up to Seattle. This team has been prone to disappointing this season, but has a chance to actually make a lot of people happy this time if they disappoint.

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I really hope we knock Seattle out and not have to deal with any of us, but prepare for the casual baseball fans as well as fans of non-playoff contending teams to root for as much chaos as possible.