LA Angels: 4 biggest questions of the offseason answered by HH staff

Jo Adell, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
Jo Adell, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mike Trout, Jo Adell, Taylor Ward, LA Angels
Mike Trout, Jo Adell, Taylor Ward, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

No. 2 biggest question of the offseason: What should be the LA Angels’ plan for the outfield next year?

David Rice, Contributor:

“Let the kids play and either trade Upton or teach him first base so he can spell Walsh there, and then spell Ohtani and Marsh in the OF.”

Jacob Cisneros, Contributor:

“It’s the same as David here, you let the kids play in Marsh and Adell and have Trout continue to mentor both of them. I think their value changed since their call-ups to the big leagues and now might be harder to trade, at least Adell for sure. You see if there is a bad contract swap for Upton, maybe more pitching depth? And I think the time to trade Adell and Marsh has gone, it was reported that the Angels were in on a Scherzer trade at the deadline and I think that might have been the last time we hear Adell and Marsh in trade talks.”

Zach Levine, Contributor:

“Keep it simple. Trout, Adell and Marsh as starters, Ward and Lagares as backups, and in case of emergency, Walsh, Gosselin and Ohtani can fill in. As for Upton, package him with a couple of prospects, maybe eat some of the salary, and send him anywhere but here.”

Craig Tyson Adams, Contributor:

“It’s Upton’s walk year. He’s going to work consistently. He wants the next bag. Trout, Marsh and Adell.

I’d like to see Fowler back. If Upton is gone Jorge Soler would be a good pick up. Jerrod Dyson is a rabbit. The club desperately needs speed.”

Bradley Senecal, Contributor:

“I won’t go too crazy with this but keep the outfield as is. Start the year with Trout along with the kids, Marsh and Adell, and a safety blanket in Upton. While Upton has struggled with both productivity and health the last couple of years, an initial bench role could do him well along with spelling out the young players if there is a bad stretch of games.”

Evan Desai, Editor:

“I really don’t think it’s realistic to trade Upton. He has very little trade value as of right now. I also don’t think keeping Upton is such a bad option. He was absolutely raking for the Angels before his injury, proving he still has what it takes to be the guy he was brought in to be.

I don’t know that he should be a full-time starter, however. I think he, Adell and Marsh need to split time in the corners while Trout still starts in center every day. That benefits everyone involved. Upton has his chance to turn it around, and we’re not putting too much pressure on the young guys.”