Mike Trout’s son had the best Halloween costume in America this year

Mike Trout, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Trout, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Angels legend Mike Trout didn’t make headlines this year on Halloween, but his son certainly did.

This costume absolutely takes the cake this year on Halloween. Nobody did it better than Beckham Aaron Trout on Sunday.

This full-on turtle costume is hilarious.

LA Angels’ franchise player in Mike Trout definitely seems to be enjoying his offseason with his family.

Mike Trout posted the photos of his son in the costume on Instagram Sunday night, and the internet had a blast with it.


Trout credited his wife for the costume, so maybe she made it or maybe it was her idea. Regardless, this couldn’t have been done any better. Beckham Aaron Trout is just one year old right now, so this is his first Halloween he can walk for.

He still looks great when he’s crawling in it too, though.

Trout unfortunately had to miss all but 36 games last year due to injury, and is recovering so he can get back in time for spring training.

It’s of course good to hear good things about that recovery, which we have, and also seeing him enjoy his offseason with his family.

I’d be curious to know what Trout himself was for Halloween. He would need quite an elaborate costume to figure out how to disguise himself. One of the best athletes in sports, he’s pretty hard to miss.

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Trout is going to kill it next season. The guy succeeds at seemingly everything in life. Now he and his wife have even led his son to a convincing win on Halloween.