6 important offseason award dates and times for LA Angels fans

Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

With awards season coming up, LA Angels fans need to be paying close attention.

The Angels have many players up for awards, and one of them in Shohei Ohtani is up for seemingly every one.

There are six days that awards relevant to the Angels will be announced, and the last five will be broadcasted on MLB Network.

The LA Angels will bring home many major awards, and have a chance to win even more than we already expect.

The awards that LA Angels fans will want to tune in for, and their dates and times are as follows:

Rawlings Gold Glove (Sunday November 5th–8:30 PM ET)

The Angels have two AL Gold Glove finalists on their team in Jared Walsh (first base) and David Fletcher (second base). Neither one is an overwhelming favorite, but both have shots at winning. This is the only award announcement relevant to the Angels from here on out that will not be broadcasted on MLB Network–but ESPN.

BBWAA Awards Finalists (Monday November 8th–6 PM ET)

The BBWAA Awards are BBWAA Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year, BBWAA Manager of the Year, BBWAA Cy Young, and BBWAA Most Valuable Player.

There will likely be no finalists for those first three awards from the Angels, but absolutely will have one for the BBWAA MVP in Ohtani. Ohtani is the overwhelming consensus favorite for the award.

Hank Aaron Award (Tuesday November 9th–6 PM ET)

Ohtani is a finalist for the Hank Aaron Award. The Hank Aaron Award is going to be awarded to the best overall offensive player in each league. Ohtani may not win this one, although he definitely should.

Silver Slugger Award (Thursday November 11th– 6 PM ET)

This is another award that Ohtani is a finalist for at American League Designated Hitter. This is also another one that Ohtani will be easily running away with due to his dominance as a hitter.

BBWAA Most Valuable Player (Thursday November 18th–6 PM ET)

Again, Ohtani is the runaway favorite for the MVP. His prowess as a two-way player who is also the fastest player in the AL puts him over the top by a large margin.

MLB Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award (Monday November 29th–6 PM ET)

Edgar Martinez defined the Designated Hitter position, and now Ohtani’s added even more to it. Nobody is more deserving than Ohtani and he’ll take this one easily as well. He is head and shoulders better than the rest of the Designated Hitters in this game, and will be winning this one.

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It’s rare for a team to be set to take home as many awards as the Angels are set to. They also have some more that they could add on, and this awards season is going to be a blast for all Angels fans.