1 Angels prospect that will be a star, 1 that won't, and 1 that will just be serviceable

Which, if any, Angels prospects are bound for stardom?
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Jack Kochanowicz will be serviceable

Jack Kochanowicz is the least popular of the three Angels prospects discussed, but he's definitely intriguing. He's not usually the prospect many evaluators get super excited about as he lacks the wipeout strikeout stuff, but he has the chance to be a decent back-end starter.

Kochanowicz is currently the ninth-ranked prospect in the Angels system according to MLB Pipeline but is coming off a bit of a down year. He pitched really well in A+ Tri-City but after being promoted to AA Rocket City he posted a 6.53 ERA in 16 starts. Despite the high ERA, there was one thing to be excited about.

Kochanowicz walked just 22 batters in 70.1 innings pitched. 2.8 BB/9 for a 22 year old in the minors is quite impressive, and his command in general appears quite good. He did allow too many hits and home runs by throwing too many hittable pitches, but Kochanowicz constantly living in and around the strike zone is a good thing.

The reason I don't believe he'll be anything more than a back-end guy is because of the lack of put-away stuff. He fanned just 55 batters in his 70.1 AA innings pitched this season, and has never had great strikeout numbers in the minors. He relies a ton on generating weak contact, primarily on the ground.

Kochanowicz has to work on avoiding the middle of the plate and allowing fewer home runs but once that happens, better results should come. With better results comes further promotions. He's not too far off from the majors thanks to his control. How good he'll be in the majors without terrific stuff remains to be seen.