1 most overpaid, 1 most underwhelming, and 1 most incomprehensible Angels player

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LA Angels roster: 1 most underwhelming player, Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson signed a three-year deal to join the Angels this past offseason following a career year with the Dodgers. While nobody expected him to match or top the season he had in 2022, Angels fans expected more than this.

Through his first 15 starts of the season, Anderson had an ERA of 5.20. His strikeouts were down, walks were up, home runs were up. Even before the breakout season he was a decent innings eater, but he had just 79.2 innings pitched through those 15 starts.

Last night, Anderson made his first appearance out of the bullpen for the Angels. Now I get that it's because of the all-star break, but it's telling that they chose him as the guy who'd come out of the bullpen.

Griffin Canning started last night and Reid Detmers is the starting pitcher for tonight's game against the Dodgers. Anderson was slotted ahead of both of them on the Opening Day rotation, but has been convincingly outpitched by both Canning and Detmers.

Anderson didn't pitch well out of the bullpen either, allowing three runs in 4.1 innings of work. His ERA is at 5.25 at the all-star break.

With Anderson already 33 years old with another two years on his deal, this is shaping up to be one of the worst signings Perry Minasian has made. He's been one of, if not the most disappointing Angel in what's been a disappointing season 90 games in.

Again, we didn't expect an all-star season. Neither did the Angels, that's why he only got $13 million annually. We just didn't expect him to be among the worst starting pitchers in all of baseball which with his 5.25 ERA, he undoubtedly has been.