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LA Angels roster: 1 most incomprehensible player, Patrick Sandoval

Patrick Sandoval is a pitcher I still can't quite understand. The talent is there, we've all seen it. We've even seen it this season. Yet, he still has failed to make the jump everyone expected him to.

When watching Reid Detmers this season, it's easy to see the improvements he's made. He went from a guy who would be dominant early in games but struggle in the middle and end of his starts to a guy who has learned to give his team six or seven strong each and every time out. He's gone at least six innings in each of his last four starts and has allowed two runs or fewer in each of his last five. That fifth start he was one out shy of completing six.

We've seen Detmers blossom, but Sandoval has failed to take that step. He remains as inconsistent as ever, constantly plagued by the big inning and failing to go deep in most of his starts. Even when he pitches pretty well like his last time out against the Padres, he went just five innings and threw 91 pitches.

The stuff is good, but there always seems to be something that gets in the way for Sandoval. Whether it's a poorly located pitch or a defensive miscue behind him, he unravels whenever anything goes wrong. Last season even with his inability to go deep consistently, he had an ERA below 3.00. This season it's at 4.41 and it feels like he's regressed. At 26 years old that's not supposed to happen.