10 MLB stars you forgot were LA Angels

Jul 20, 2019; Cooperstown, NY, USA; Dave Winfield, LA Angels
Jul 20, 2019; Cooperstown, NY, USA; Dave Winfield, LA Angels / Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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Rickey Henderson, LA Angels
Rickey Henderson, LA Angels / ALEX COOPER / OBSERVER-DISPATCH via

No. 1 MLB star you forgot was an LA Angel: Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson is the type of player any team would want, and the LA Angels wish they would have had him for longer. You probably have no idea why I would say that the Angels would have wished that they had him for longer, because he hit terribly for the Halos. But what I'm getting at is the baserunning that he showed on the Angels.

In the 32 games he played with Anaheim, he somehow stole 16 bases. How is that possible? A steal every other game?

Well, for a guy like Henderson, it's easy money. This is the same guy who's had at least 100 stolen bases three times, and had 130 one year. That's 100 more than what a baserunner has in a great season.

Every team can use those wheels, and while Henderson didn't get on too often for the Halos, he got over VERY often.

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The Angels have a couple of superstars on this team, and one who has already had a better career than every player on this list. The mission is to keep them around, so we never forget their Angels legacies. Hopefully we never have to add to this list.