10 MLB stars you forgot were LA Angels

Jul 20, 2019; Cooperstown, NY, USA; Dave Winfield, LA Angels
Jul 20, 2019; Cooperstown, NY, USA; Dave Winfield, LA Angels / Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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Tim Lincecum, LA Angels
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No. 9 MLB star you forgot was an LA Angel: Tim Lincecum

LA Angels fans are probably glad they tend to forget Tim Lincecum was on our team. He played for us in 2016, where he started nine games and recorded a 9.16 ERA to go along with a 2-6 record.

His 44 ERA+ also sums up how his Angels tenure went. It was a disappointing stretch for a former two-time Cy Young winner. The Halos certainly didn't get that level of production out of the former Ace.

Winning three World Series titles in his career, unfortunately none of them were with Anaheim. Lincecum had four bad years after his last All-Star year in 2011, so the Angels caught him at the wrong time. He went on to have that fifth and final bad year with LA.

His WHIP was somehow 2.374, which is the worst WHIP many of us have seen over a span of nine starts. I don't want to disrespect a great career, which is what Lincecum had. I'm just pointing out why Angels fans forget that he had a stop here.

I'm sure he tries to forget it too. It's a mutual understanding that baseball fans don't count that season when we think back to his career.