10 MLB stars you forgot were LA Angels

Jul 20, 2019; Cooperstown, NY, USA; Dave Winfield, LA Angels
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Bobby Bonds, LA Angels
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No. 6 MLB star you forgot was an LA Angel: Bobby Bonds

The LA Angels didn't get Bobby Bonds' best performance until his second year with the team, but it was REALLY nice once they got it. In 1977, he hit .264/.342/.520 (.862 OPS) in that second year, and the one thing we didn't forget were his 37 home runs, 115 RBIs, and 103 runs scored.

He stole 41 bases. That's absurd. Bonds was only with us for those two years, which led to him being more remembered as a Giant--the team he began his career on.

He played seven years there. He was an All-Star there once, and was an All-Star with the New York Yankees another time. He was an AL MVP candidate in both of those years, and had a lifetime OPS of .824, a lifetime on-base percentage of .353, and a lifetime slugging percentage of .471.

The outfielder played for eight teams throughout his career. There's a lot to try to remember him from, and the one that seems to stick is of course San Francisco. He did, however, play the second-most seasons he ever has with the Angels.

Angels fans better at least not forget what he did in that '77 season.