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LA Angels infielder David Fletcher continues to struggle and has lost his starting spot because of it

After fans had been begging for it, the Angels finally promoted David Fletcher from AAA Salt Lake. He had been swinging a red-hot bat for months, and the Zach Neto injury opened up some playing time for him to finally come back and join the Angels.

The first game was one to remember for Fletcher and the team. His two-run single began the Angels 25-1 rout in Colorado, and his three-run homer got them to 20 runs. He had four hits in six at-bats that night with a rare home run and five RBI.

That four-hit game was awesome to witness from a player who had struggled so mightily offensively for years, but since that happened he's recorded just four hits in 25 at-bats over his last ten games.

As a guy who rarely walks and doesn't hit for power, Fletcher has to find a way to get base hits to be a productive offensive player. He's been pretty unlucky boasting a .225 BAbip on the season, but a lot of the balls he does put in play aren't hit very hard.

With Fletcher struggling offensively, the Angels have turned to Andrew Velazquez at shortstop. Squid has started each of the last four games at shortstop (despite picking up just two hits in his 12 at-bats during those starts), because of his defense.

I would've given Fletcher a bit more rope at shortstop when the alternative is Velazquez, but it's clear that the Angels are leaning another direction.