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LA Angels pitcher Jacob Webb has been consistently reliable all season

There was a lot of talk about Chris Devenski and the success he had as a reliever on a minor league deal, and rightfully so, but Jacob Webb is in the exact same boat and hasn't had any of the struggles that Chris Devenski has had lately.

Webb is a guy who for some reason has always been solid in the majors but really struggled in the minors last season. This gave Perry Minasian the opportunity to scoop him up on a minors deal, and the Angels have been rewarded for taking on that minimal risk.

Webb has a 2.49 ERA in 20 appearances and 21.2 innings pitched. Despite a slightly elevated walk count, he's given up just 12 hits with two leaving the ballpark. He's pitched in some higher-leverage situations of late, including the eighth inning of the last game they won, recording his sixth hold of the season in a 1-2-3 inning against Arizona.

The 29-year-old has struggled a bit recently, allowing three runs in his last four innings pitched across four outings, but had delivered ten consecutive scoreless innings including five holds and a save. Remember the game Carlos Estevez looked like he didn't have it and Jacob Webb came in and saved the day in Texas? That might've been the high point of the season.

Regardless, with some relievers, mainly Devenski, struggling, Webb has elevated into Estevez's primary set-up man and he's been really good all season.