2 Angels players who definitely won't get traded this offseason, 2 who still could get dealt

The Angels have not been active on the trade market this offseason but that can change.
Sep 19, 2023; St. Petersburg, Florida, USA;  Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Patrick Sandoval
Sep 19, 2023; St. Petersburg, Florida, USA; Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Patrick Sandoval / Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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The Los Angeles Angels remain one of the more inactive teams around the league, doing virtually nothing to get better after losing Shohei Ohtani. MLB Insiders are still expecting the Angels to do something, but time is running out for them to do anything of note.

As time continues to pass by, it continues to feel less likely that the Angels will make an impact signing. Whether Arte Moreno is just refusing to give Perry Minasian the green light in free agency or the Angels GM just doesn't like any free agents remains to be seen, but more and more free agents continue to come off the board and none of them have been signing with the Angels.

While free agency gets less appealing by the day, the trade market is still an avenue the Angels have explored in the past but haven't touched this offseason. It still feels like a couple of players could wind up getting dealt while a couple of others will certainly stay put.

Patrick Sandoval definitely won't get traded this offseason

Patrick Sandoval is a player who felt like the Angels could make available coming off a rough year in an effort to upgrade what is still a lackluster rotation. Using Sandoval, a pitcher with potential and with three years of control could've gotten the Angels something good back in return. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately for the non-Sandoval believers out there) it doesn't feel like he's going anywhere.

The Angels had a rough year from their starting pitchers in 2023, but are hoping with new pitching coach Barry Enright that things will improve. The Angles did rank sixth in the majors in rotation ERA back in 2022 before regressing last season. Shohei Ohtani obviously played a big role in that, but the Angels had encouraging seasons from a number of their young pitchers with Sandoval sticking out as the most impressive.

It remains to be seen if the Angels want Sandoval as part of their long-term plans, but trading Sandoval coming off a down year probably wouldn't be smart. The Angels hope he can put together a better year for them in 2024.