2 Angels players who’ve earned an apology from the doubters, 2 not quite there

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Angels
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LA Angels pitcher Reid Detmers hasn't quite earned his apology from the doubters

Reid Detmers has had a season resembling the one his team has had. He's had some great moments and some awful ones. His inconsistency has contributed to this team never really putting together long stretches of play.

Detmers got off to a rough start to his season. He had an ERA of 5.10 through his first six starts, often failing to go deep in games and having one brutal inning in which the Angels would go from in the game or even winning to out of it in an eye blink.

The southpaw then went a nine-start span by posting a 2.92 ERA. in 52.1 innings. He was pitching deeper into games and was striking out a ton of guys as well.

His last two starts have been frustratingly not great again. Seven runs in 3.1 innings against the Dodgers, four runs in six innings against the Astros. His start against Houston wasn't that bad, but doing things like walking the seven and eight hitters with two outs and then giving up a back-breaking two-run double to Martin Maldonado is exactly why he can be so frustrating to watch.

The talent is there, he just hasn't put it all together to the point where he's earned an apology for his horrific beginning of the season.