2 Angels problems the fans saw coming, 1 we didn't expect to be so bad

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
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LA Angels problem fans saw coming: Team defense

It's clear that after last season, the Angels had to upgrade their offense. They did so by adding players like Hunter Renfroe, Gio Urshela, and Brandon Drury. Of the three players they added, Urshela is the only really plus defender, and he hasn't even been used at his primary position of third base for most of the season.

The Angels finished 25th in runs scored last season. That was a huge issue, obviously. Replacing guys who could defend like Andrew Velazquez and bringing in players who can hit was necessary, but when you're strapped for cash, it's not easy to get complete players.

Drury has been better than advertised in the field. He has 2 DRS and 1 OAA this season. Hunter Renfroe, on the other hand, has -3 DRS and -3 OAA. He obviously made that ridiculous throw in right field to help the Angels beat the rallying O's, but he wasn't acquired for his defense.

I'm not saying the Renfroe addition was a bad one. He's second on the team in both home runs and RBI. He just isn't a good defender, and the same can be said for parts of this Angels roster.

Playing without a primary first baseman has obviously hurt this team. The return of Jared Walsh should help there, but it doesn't help the other miscues.

Using someone like Matt Thaiss who I believe really isn't a catcher behind the plate was obviously going to lead to some negatives defensively. The two catcher interference game is hard to forget.

Something I did not anticipate, was watching a formerly good defender in Anthony Rendon look absolutely abysmal at the hot corner. His seven errors lead third basemen and are tied for third overall. This is with Rendon currently on the Injured List and having played only 30 games. He's made some poor sidearm throws, but four of his errors are fielding errors.

The Angels as a whole have 32 errors. They've allowed more unearned runs than anybody. Defense has undoubtedly hurt this team, but adding the offense has also clearly helped. It's unfortunate they couldn't do both.