2 Angels trade deadline needs they must address, 1 they can ignore

Los Angeles Angels v Cleveland Guardians
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The MLB Trade Deadline is approaching faster than you might expect. It's almost June, so we're just about as close to the deadline as we are to Opening Day. August 1st has a chance to be a monumental day in Los Angeles Angels franchise history with Shohei Ohtani's future hanging in the balance.

Even if I don't necessarily think it's the smart thing to do, it certainly sounds like holding onto Shohei Ohtani is the Angels priority. If that's the case, they must make an effort to go all in.

The Angels sit at 28-25 right now. They're a team that's good enough to hang around postseason contention, but when push comes to shove, they're not good enough in this American League to get in this season with the roster staying as is. There are too many holes. Some of them must be addressed for the team to have a shot at getting into the postseason, but one of them can be ignored.

LA Angels trade deadline need to address: The starting rotation

The most disappointing part of this Los Angeles Angels team has been the starting rotation. I think that's a fairly easy assessment to make.

The Angels do have an ace in Shohei Ohtani, but he's been up and down. The young starters who showed tremendous growth last season in Patrick Sandoval, Reid Detmers, and Jose Suarez have taken steps back this season.

Nobody in the rotation this season is doing better than he did in 2022 or whenever last seen as a starter. That is a problem.

The Angels starters are 18th in ERA and 16th in fWAR this season. Those figures aren't laughably bad or anything, but it's hard to see them getting to the postseason with those below-average marks. The Red Sox, Mets, Orioles, and Diamondbacks are the only teams that have higher ERA's and are above .500.

Obviously a big person to blame there is Jose Suarez who has an ERA over 9.00, but Detmers, Tyler Anderson, and Griffin Canning are all around 5.00, and Jaime Barria, while looking good his first time out, I believe is better in the bullpen.

Ohtani, Sandoval, Detmers, and Anderson aren't going anywhere, but the other two spots can absolutely be upgraded. Upgrading both is probably unrealistic, but at least find one more viable starting pitcher.