2 Angels trade deadline needs they must address, 1 they can ignore

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LA Angels trade deadline need to address: The bullpen

The Angels have made a ton of attempts to try and find the right combinations for the bullpen. While it's been going a bit better of late, there's still work to be done.

We know how awesome Carlos Estevez and Matt Moore have been, but the bridge to get to those two has been rough. Chris Devenski has fit in nicely, but other than him, there really isn't anyone you can trust yet.

We hope guys like Chase Silseth, Sam Bachman, and Ben Joyce will step up and at least one of them be reliable, but you just never know with arms so inexperienced. Joyce has the highest ceiling of the three but might have the lowest floor because of his shaky command.

Getting another lockdown reliever would go a long way for this team. It doesn't have to be one to close games, but getting a veteran having a good year to pitch the seventh or eighth would be something the Angels have missed all year.

Relievers are traded every season at the deadline and aren't too hard to acquire. Pushing Devenski and the three youngsters into lower-leverage roles would make this bullpen a lot more formidable and deeper. Getting a reliever with postseason experience would also go a long way, as this bullpen lacks that.