2 Angels trade deadline successes and 1 failure

The Angels had a good trade deadline, but it wasn't quite perfect

Los Angeles Angels v Atlanta Braves
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2. Adding depth in Cron and Grichuk was a trade deadline success

C.J. Cron and Randal Grichuk were both formally in the Angels system, so it's a welcome-back party as they have developed well enough to stay and perform in the league. While this can be seen as a win for the team in acquiring depth, it was more of a need with both Jo Adell and Taylor Ward landing on the IL along with several other Angels.

Perry Minasian targeted depth in the off-season and he is still emphasizing it in this mid-season acquisition as Grichuk is more backup with the injuries. He'll more than likely be the odd man out should Mike Trout come back, but his offense shouldn't be overlooked as he's slashing .310/.365/.504 with an OPS+ of 123.

Cron is purely depth as he's slashing an abysmal .259/.305/.468 with an OPS+ of 97 which is just below average while also playing at Coors Field. Once Brandon Drury comes back, it will be interesting to see how the team prioritizes offense as Cron is hitting better than Luis Rengifo, who plays second base, and Drury can play both positions.