2 LA Angels that don't belong on the roster and one that does

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Austin Warren, LA Angels
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Austin Warren needs time to figure things out for the LA Angels.

The bullpen has been absolutely stellar so far this season for the LA Angels, however, one player that may soon be out of it is Austin Warren. With the return of Andrew Wantz, Warren might be aced out due to him not really having a role anymore. Warren currently has a 5.00 FIP right now, and has walked 9.6 batters per nine innings.

Originally, it was a breath of fresh air to see Warren in the 6th inning to come in and clean things up, but if Mike Mayers can bounce back and Wantz returns to form, it might force the LA Angels to make a move. It's a good problem to have as the bullpen has been lights out for the team so far, giving them plenty of options.

Warren still has a 3.86 ERA, so it hasn't been all bad, but with the talent the Halos have in the pen right now, a 2.143 WHIP certainly won't be able to cut it long-term if something doesn't change soon.