2 reasons the Angels manager job isn't appealing, 1 reason it is

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2) The new LA Angels manager will be expected to win even when the roster isn't ready for it

The 2022 Angels were not good enough to be a serious contender in the American League. Despite that, Joe Maddon was fired in large part because the team was losing. Obviously a 14-game losing streak is horrific and Maddon should take blame for that, but the roster simply wasn't good either.

The 2023 Angels were a bit different as I believe the roster was good enough to contend for a postseason spot and they collapsed after the trade deadline.

Arte Moreno's Angels don't rebuild. They haven't entered a full rebuild once since he took over, and there's no reason to believe that'll change even if Shohei Ohtani leaves. That means even if the talent level is subpar in a really tough AL West, the Angels will be expected to be right there in a postseason race.

Perry Minasian will likely take the fall if he's unable to field a winner in 2024, and that means the new guy will likely want to fire the manager to hire his own clubhouse leader. This all ties back to Arte Moreno and how unfair it is to work for him.