2 reasons the Angels should have fired Perry Minasian, 2 reasons they were right not to

Should the Angels have fired Perry Minasian?
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LA Angels should not have fired Perry Minasian because of the young core he's been building

While Perry Minasian has failed to do much of anything at the big league level, he's done an awesome job building a young core Angels fans can be somewhat excited about.

While Brandon Marsh has broken out in Philadelphia, Minasian acquired the clear catcher of the future for this franchise in Logan O'Hoppe in exchange for him. O'Hoppe not only looks like an awesome player, but he appears to have great leadership qualities as well. At the same 2022 trade deadline, Minasian made another move sending Noah Syndergaard's expiring contract for Mickey Moniak. The former number one overall pick broke out in a huge way for the Angels this year and looks like a key piece to their future while Syndergaard wasn't a key piece for the Phillies.

Several Angels rookies debuted this season and showed flashes of high potential. Zach Neto looks like a stud at shortstop who, like O'Hoppe, has awesome intangibles. Nolan Schanuel is already an on-base machine after playing in college baseball games earlier this season. Ben Joyce, Jose Soriano, and Sam Bachman could all be key arms in the bullpen. Chase Silseth will be competing for a rotation spot in 2024.

The Angels have pieces here to build around. The right thing to do would be to rebuild and get even more young players, but Minasian's ability to draft and notice find young players ready to break out should not go unnoticed. This is more young talent the Angels have had at once in a long time.