2 reasons the Angels should have fired Perry Minasian, 2 reasons they were right not to

Should the Angels have fired Perry Minasian?
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LA Angels should have fired Perry Minasian because he has failed to build anything close to a winner around the best player of all-time

This is not all on Perry. Arte Moreno deserves blame, the players deserve blame, and the coaching staff deserves blame. However, MLB is a business, and the idea here is to win games. Perry Minasian has not done that since taking over for Billy Eppler, and that's not for a lack of trying.

The Angels have not attempted to rebuild, meaning Minasian has tried to field a winning team and failed miserably. He's been one of the worst general managers in franchise history based on winning percentage with at least 162 games managed.

During Minasian's stint as GM, he's gotten one MVP season out of Shohei Ohtani (about to be two) and one second place finish in which it could be argued that he should've finished first. Ohtani has done things we've never seen before and was having what might've been the best season ever before getting hurt.

The result of those three seasons is the Angels being 40 games under .500. He wasn't the one who strapped the Angels financially with the Anthony Rendon contract and he's not the one limiting himself financially by not being allowed to go over the tax, but nobody forced him to sign Tyler Anderson or trade for Hunter Renfroe. Minasian has made plenty of moves that simply haven't worked.

Again, it's not all his fault but wins and losses have to mean something. Perry simply hasn't won at all in Anaheim.