2 reasons the Angels should have fired Perry Minasian, 2 reasons they were right not to

Should the Angels have fired Perry Minasian?

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LA Angels should not have fired Perry Minasian because nothing will change under a new GM

Perry Minasian deserves a lot of blame for his failures as Angels GM, but the person who continues to destroy this franchise is Arte Moreno. If Perry Minasian was fired, nothing realistically would change as long as he's here.

Moreno is the reason why Phil Nevin remained the manager after he flirted with selling the team only to pull them off the market. Moreno is the reason Perry bought at the deadline when the Angels had slim odds. Moreno is the reason the Angels haven't had anything close to a competent farm system. Moreno is the main reason this organization hasn't had a winning record in each of the last eight seasons and hasn't made the playoffs since 2014.

If Minasian was fired, Moreno would simply hire a yes-man that'd do what he wants and take the fall for him if/when it fails. We just saw Arte fire Perry's assistant and be very involved in firing Phil Nevin. He's going to continue to meddle if he wants to, so who the GM is doesn't mean much of anything as long as that's happening.

It's very hard to picture the Angels fielding a stable winning team as long as Arte Moreno is owning it. A big reason for that is his constant meddling and turnover in the dugout and front office. This is MInasian's final year of his deal. If the Angels fail in 2024, I expect him to be let go and for this cycle to just keep on going until Moreno finally decides to sell.