2 reasons why the Angels should DFA Anthony Rendon, 2 why they shouldn't

The Angels have a tough decision to make regarding Anthony Rendon's future

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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LA Angels shouldn't DFA Anthony Rendon because they have to pay him anyway

The Angels are stuck with this Anthony Rendon contract whether they like it or not. The only way they could've possibly gotten out of it was if they included him in a Shohei Ohtani trade. With the deadline passed, Ohtani is still here and Rendon is as well.

The Angels owe Rendon $38 million annually through the 2026 season. That's three more years of those $38 million payments after this one. Hard to fathom. With there being no way out, you might as well keep him, right?

If the Angels were to DFA Rendon, the only way they could get off of the money is if another team claims him off of waivers (never going to happen). They could hypothetically trade him and eat a large amoutn of not all of the money, but the Angels would have to give something up alongside Rendon while also getting nothing in return. That doesn't seem worthwhile either.

The Angels are stuck with Rendon, so they should just try to see if he ever does anything. If he can ever be a good player for them, that's great! If he continues to spend most of his seasons on the IL, that's nothing new. If he's released and signs elsewhere, that's less good. The Angels won't want to pay for him to play elsewhere.