2 reasons why the Angels should DFA Anthony Rendon, 2 why they shouldn't

The Angels have a tough decision to make regarding Anthony Rendon's future
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LA Angels should DFA Anthony Rendon because he's brought more harm than good

The Rendon contract has obviously been an albatross mainly because of the injuries. He's barely played in each of the last three seasons, and that's been a huge problem for the Angels.

Injuries, while frustrating, are part of the game. They're something fans shouldn't get on a player too much for, because players aren't trying to get hurt.

What's fully in a player's control are some of the comical things that have taken place throughout this deal. Remember the Mariners brawl? Right in the thick of things was Anthony Rendon, wearing a cast, fighting against Seattle's Jesse Winker. While it's good to see Rendon sticking up for his teammates and not injuring himself further, he got hit with a five-game suspension.

Opening Day of this season was another example of Rendon bringing things onto himself. Rendon got himself involved with an altercation with a fan which got him another four-game suspension. Of course, we have no idea what the fan said to spark this altercation, but seeing Rendon be involved in something like this on Opening Day was frustrating.

While Rendon continues to miss time due to injuries, his attitude towards the media has been another negative in a long line of them. Rendon's unnecessarily snarky responses whenever he's asked how he's feeling or if he knows anything about a timeline have gone from funny to annoying.

Rendon's reluctance to speak to the media is understandable, but his attitude is completely unnecessary. It's hard to fault him for getting injured, but suspensions and an unnecessarily bad attitude is frustrating to see for Angels fans that just want to see this guy play baseball.