2 reasons why the Angels should DFA Anthony Rendon, 2 why they shouldn't

The Angels have a tough decision to make regarding Anthony Rendon's future
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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LA Angels shouldn't DFA Anthony Rendon because he could easily succeed elsewhere

Whenever teams think of making a trade, something that brings them some level of pause is the fact that this player could succeed in a new location more than they were with you. That's why division rivals often don't make big trades.

The same can be said about players being DFA'd. We saw this exact thing play out with Albert Pujols at the end of his Angels tenure. The unproductive Pujols was DFA'd by the Angels and had a 99 OPS+ with the Dodgers. He went from doing nothing as an Angel, to being average as a Dodger. The next season, of course, Pujols had a terrific year in what was his final year in the majors with St. Louis.

Anthony Rendon is still just 33 years of age, and he can easily produce in a new environment. This was an MVP-caliber player in Washington and even his first year in Anaheim before the injuries mounted. If he got a fresh start with a new fan base in a new city, who knows what Rendon could do?

Rendon could easily just spend more time on the IL with his new team, but he can also join a team like the Astros and hit 30 home runs while hitting .500 against the Angels.

The Halos are stuck paying him anyway, so they're better off seeing if he can do something with them instead of paying him to play against them for a team the Angels could very well end up competing with.