2 reasons why the Angels signing Marcus Stroman would make sense, 1 why it wouldn't

The Angels could look to sign Marcus Stroman in free agency.
Jul 31, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman (0) pitches
Jul 31, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman (0) pitches / Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports
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Free agency was expected to pick up once Shohei Ohtani finally made his decision to sign with the Dodgers, but Ohtani's signing has had the opposite effect. Things have slowed down to where there has been virtually no activity since Ohtani made his decision. Tyler Glasnow was traded, but the biggest free agency signings have been guys like Jung Hoo Lee and Seth Lugo.

The quietness has spread to the Los Angeles Angels as well, who have done nothing since watching Ohtani go to their crosstown rivals. We haven't even heard the Halos rumored to be in on many players until yesterday when Robert Murray of FanSided said that they've had conversations with Marcus Stroman's agent on The Baseball Insider's podcast.

Murray doesn't say how interested the Angels are or that they're going to even give him an offer, but the fact that they've had conversations tells you that there's some level of interest there. This Angels team needs starting pitching, and there's no doubt that Stroman is a good pitcher. There are a couple of reasons why signing Stroman would make sense for the Angels, but it's not a perfect fit by any means.

The LA Angels signing Marcus Stroman would make sense because of the Perry Minasian connection

Perry Minasian has been the Angels GM since the 2020 offseason, but before that worked in different roles in other organizations. One role he had was with the Toronto Blue Jays organization as a scout. He began working there in 2009 and was with Toronto for nine years before becoming Alex Anthopoulos' assistant GM in Atlanta. Marcus Stroman was drafted in the first round of the 2012 Draft by the Jays.

Minasian saw Stroman work his way through the minors and make his MLB debut in 2014. He saw him come back quickly from a torn ACL and help the Jays in the 2015 playoffs. He saw Stroman hit the 200+ inning mark in 2016 and 2017 developing his reputation as a workhorse.

Stroman and Minasian had mutual interest in the 2021 offseason before the right-hander signed his free agent contract with the Cubs. Perhaps this is the offseason they connect on a deal. Perry obviously likes him at least somewhat.

The connection doesn't guarantee a deal by any means, but it certainly doesn't hurt. It could be what helps cross this over the finish line.