2 teams Angels fans can root for in the postseason, 2 they should not

Just not Houston again, please.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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For the ninth straight season, Los Angeles Angels fans have the misfortune of watching the postseason with their team out of it. The Angels had some hope this season, remaining competitive for the first half and loading up at the deadline but injuries and an August collapse ended those dreams rather quickly.

Angels fans now are watching the MLB Playoffs with no clear rooting interest in mind. While that makes sense considering the Halos aren't playing, there're still some teams that fans should enjoy watching and rooting for, along with others they should very clearly be rooting against.

LA Angels fans should be rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies

If there's a fan base Angels fans should be jealous of, it's the one that resides in Philadelphia. For the second straight year, Phillies fans have shown up to October in full force and have taken the league by storm.

The Phillies swept the Marlins in the Wild Card round in dominant fashion and now match up with the Braves who are favored to win the whole thing. Rooting for the Phillies means not only that you're rooting for the underdog (at least in this series) but that you're rooting for some old fan favorites.

Brandon Marsh was traded in the deal that landed the Angels Logan O'Hoppe last season. The Angels got great production out of O'Hoppe when he was healthy in 2023, and Phillies fans have watched Brandon Marsh develop into a really solid player.

The outfielder made some changes in his approach and swing with hitting coach Kevin Long and took off this past season, posting an .829 OPS. It'd be more fun to watch Marsh do this in an Angels uniform, but he was traded for the Angels catcher of the future and is still fun to watch with his luscious locks.

Michael Lorenzen is another former Angel on the Phillies, although he wasn't part of their Wild Card roster. The right-hander could squeeze into the NLDS roster with the series being longer, and if so, he's another former Angel who is pretty easy to root for. He wanted to be here and was solid when healthy.