2 teams Angels fans can root for in the postseason, 2 they should not

Just not Houston again, please.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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LA Angels fans should be rooting for the Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles don't have the same Angels connections that the Phillies do. They have Jacob Webb who pitched for the team this season before being DFA'd and latching on with Baltimore. They also have Kyle Bradish who went from an unnotable Angels prospect to the ace of this young Orioles staff. That's it.

The reason you should be rooting for Baltimore is because it can give Angels fans hope that the future is bright. The Orioles are not a team led by a monstrous payroll or proven superstars. They're led by prospects who have developed into awesome players.

Adley Rutschman, Gunnar Henderson, Jordan Westburg, Grayson Rodriguez, Anthony Santander, Austin Hays, I can go on but won't. These are all homegrown players under 30 who led Baltimore to a 101-win season in 2023. They were led by development and patience, something the Angels need to take note of.

The Angels hope that their current young core of Zach Neto, Logan O'Hoppe, Reid Detmers, Patrick Sandoval, and Nolan Schanuel to name some will develop into this Orioles bunch eventually. Is that realistic? That's to be determined at a future date. The Angels' best path to contention is if their young guys develop into legitimate MLB forces.