2 teams Angels fans can root for in the postseason, 2 they should not

Just not Houston again, please.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies
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LA Angels fans should be rooting against the Texas Rangers

Rooting against the Rangers doesn't go much further than the fact that Texas is another division rival that has found success in 2023. The Rangers built their team opposite to the way Baltimore did. Their great players are mostly on large contracts signed in free agency. They have arguably the best middle infield in baseball, both players in Marcus Semien and Corey Seager were inked on massive free agent contracts.

If the Rangers find a way to win in 2023, this could convince Arte Moreno that building in free agency is the best way to go about things. He already believes this at least somewhat with him putting nothing in player development, but seeing a team like Texas win will only make him double down.

The last thing the 73-win Angels team needs to do right now is throw buckets of money at 30+ year old free agents for long deals. That will likely only set the team back even further than they already are. Free agency moves should mostly be finishing touches, not how you build the team.

Another reason to root against Texas is they're matched up with Baltimore! It'd be way more fun objectively to watch a fun young group beat the team with a massive payroll in the games that matter. Only root for Texas if they play Houston. That'd be my suggestion.