3 Angels DFA/trade candidates who could lose 40-man roster spot before Opening Day

Mar 14, 2023; Goodyear, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Angels catcher Matt Thaiss (21) hits against the
Mar 14, 2023; Goodyear, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Angels catcher Matt Thaiss (21) hits against the / Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
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The Los Angeles Angels are as deep as they've been in a very long time. They finally have collected quality pitching depth. They have so many infielders to the point where established veterans like Gio Urshela and David Fletcher won't have solidified starting jobs.

Having too much depth is the best kind of problem you can have. The Angels should be able to survive if they get a couple of injuries. Of course, no team can survive if a player like Mike Trout misses months or if the entire infield gets hurt like last season, but the Angels can withstand a couple of minor blows. They couldn't in the past.

What having this depth does mean is players who might deserve to make the roster won't. It also means players who are worthy of holding onto on the 40-man roster might not last because of someone else the Angels might want to add to it (Ben Joyce anyone?)

1. LA Angels catcher Matt Thaiss could be DFA'd or traded before Opening Day

Matt Thaiss doesn't deserve to be cut based on how he's performed this spring. He has seven hits in 18 at-bats and has drawn seven walks to just one strikeout. He has a .500 OBP! Yes, it's just Spring Training, but Thaiss has looked good with no shift and deserves one more shot at a spot with the Angels.

The problem is, where? Thaiss has switched back to catcher to try and create the possibility of him playing, but the Angels have their catcher of the future who just so happens to be MLB-ready. Yes, I believe Logan O'Hoppe should be the Opening Day catcher. He has far more upside than Thaiss and has looked comfortable at the plate and behind it.

The other catcher spot is completely locked up. The Angels paid Max Stassi, and as much as the fans might want to get rid of him, that's just not going to happen.

Thaiss in a perfect world would be the third catcher option. He'd start in AAA but come up if O'Hoppe struggles or one of O'Hoppe or Stassi goes on the IL. The Angels unfortunately don't have that luxury as Thaiss is out of options. He'd have to clear waivers in order to send him down to the minors. Taking Thaiss' versatility into account with how he's looked in the spring and the fact that he was a former first-round pick, the likelihood of him passing through waivers especially as a catcher, feels minimal at best.

The Angels might be able to trade Thaiss for literally anything, but could opt to test the waters and see if Thaiss clears waivers. It's definitely possible the Angels choose to roster Thaiss over O'Hoppe, that just wouldn't be what I'd do. I think Thaiss is on his way out.