3 Angels free agents they let walk having a good year, 1 failing miserably

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2) Former LA Angels infielder Matt Duffy has had a good year with the Kansas City Royals

Not only was Matt Duffy an Opening Day starter for the Angels last season, but he hit cleanup that day. Injuries played a role in that happening, but he was supposed to play a big role for last year's Angels team and just didn't.

In 77 games, he slashed .250/.308/.311 with two home runs and 16 RBI. He's a guy who entered the season as a .283 hitter with a .721 OPS and a 98 OPS+. A really solid singles hitter without much power, but as we saw with Gio Urshela, those hitters can be impactful.

Duffy's OPS was over 100 points lower as an Angel and his OPS+ was 19 points lower. He went from basically an average hitter to an unplayable hitter. And this guy hit cleanup on Opening Day.

He signed a one-year deal with the Royals and has been the hitter he's always been in his career. He's hitting .283 with an OPS+ of 94. He's played three different infield positions well for a Royals team having a miserable year.

Duffy wouldn't have been needed when Urshela was healthy, but it would've been nice to have him waiting in the wings to fill that role with Urshela now hurt if this was going to be how he'd produce.