3 Angels free agents whose stock is in the toilet

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3) LA Angels outfielder Brett Phillips is seeing his free agent stock plummet

Brett Phillips signed a one-year deal worth $1.25 million to join the Angels this past offseason. While I did not love the signing, his role was a very clear one. He was to come in as a pinch runner and defensive replacement and try to help the Angels win a close game. When called upon off the bench to do those things, he was just fine.

The problem with Phillips is he simply can't hit. He had one hit in 13 at-bats this season for the Angels, and is a career .187 hitter. He wasn't brought here to bat, but he didn't play enough for the Angels to justify holding his roster spot.

Phillips was with the team for the first month and a half before being DFA'd in May. Despite his cheap contract, no team had interest in claiming or trading for him, and he was outrighted to AAA Salt Lake where he hasn't hit much either.

Phillips can get a minor league deal anywhere but it was a surprise that the Angels gave him a MLB deal this past offseason, and there's almost no chance that another team will do it next offseason.

He's a great clubhouse guy who's fine in the role the Angels had for him, but it's clear that he has no value around the league.