3 Angels infielders the team desperately needs to step up with the injuries

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2) LA Angels first baseman Jared Walsh must step up with the injuries

If you thought the Rengifo struggles have been bad, Jared Walsh has looked even worse at the plate. Since returning from the Injured List in late-May, the 2021 all-star has looked like a shell of himself.

Walsh has just seven hits in 63 at-bats this season. He does not have a home run, and is striking out at a 32.4% clip. If the Angels hadn't been hit by this barrage of injuries I might be advocating for a demotion to AAA to figure it out, but the Halos can't really afford that right now.

Walsh has looked awful at the plate and has shown no real signs of breaking out. He has one hit in his last 30 at-bats with 12 strikeouts in that span. That hit did break a long hitless stretch, but he's without a hit in his last six at-bats since.

If Walsh can't hit, the Angels do have other solutions. Drury can play first, but then you're forcing yourself to play all three of Rengifo, Velazquez, and Stefanic.

An out of the box way of approaching this would be to put an outfielder like Hunter Renfroe or Taylor Ward at first base to try and get the best offensive production you can. Walsh has a solid glove, but he's been such a negative at the plate.