3 Angels players we can suddenly put our faith in

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels
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2) We can suddenly put our faith in LA Angels pitcher Chris Devenski

Chris Devenski did it again. Another perfect inning for this veteran reliever who was brought in on a minor league deal. Perry Minasian appears to have struck gold with Devenski, and the 32-year-old has earned Phll Nevin's trust.

In his 13 appearances this season, Devenski has a 2.70 ERA in 16.2 innings of work. He's struck out 16 and has yet to walk a batter. He's pitched in virtually any situation and has gotten the job done virtually every time.

His vaunted change-up is having the effects it used to have during his prime days as an Astro, as opponents are hitting just .128 against that pitch with a 36.8% whiff rate. Devenski has had complete command of all three of his pitches all season long, and that's why he has a 0.540 WHIP. Yes, he's allowing one baserunner to reach every other inning which is extraordinary.

Two of the nine hits Devenski has allowed have left the ballpark so when he misses he does get hit, but he never really misses. In his last appearances he's gone 5.1 innings with six strikeouts and has not allowed a single baserunner. In ten of his 13 appearances Devenski has not allowed a single baserunner.

While I don't expect him to be THIS good, he's earned my vote of confidence. He's earned the faith of Angels fans that he'll get the job done no matter the situation.