3 Angels players we can suddenly put our faith in

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3) We can suddenly put our faith in Gio Urshela

Gio Urshela has had our faith for longer than Thaiss and Devenski have, but his play of late since Anthony Rendon went onto the Injured List has been even better.

Urshela has been a guy you can always rely on to get a hit. He's among the league leaders in singles, and has only struck out 15% of the time which has him in the 87th percentile.

Urshela started the month of May going hitless in his first eight at-bats which dropped his season average to .276, but since then, he's slashed .354/.369/.481 with six extra-base hits. Urshela had just three extra-base hits in the month of April so while he still isn't hitting for much power, that part of his game has been a little more prevalent this month.

Urshela is a guy who can hit against both righties and lefties and can even come through with runners in scoring position as his .275 batting average would indicate.

When Urshela isn't getting his hits, he's still making the right baseball plays. He can move a guy over with a ground ball to the right side, or he can hit a sac fly when needed as well.

Urshela has always been a professional hitter, but he's currently fourth in the American League in batting. It's clear his offensive game has taken a bit of a jump this season, and he should be trusted to make the right baseball play whenever the Angels need it.