3 Angels players who could be first time all-stars in 2023

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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3) LA Angels player who could be a first-time all-star: Carlos Estevez

Relievers are tough to predict in terms of who will make the all-star team as non-closers don't normally make it. If Carlos Estevez is named the full-time closer, there's a very good chance he'll make the team.

Estevez is a player the Angels just brought in this offseason to help improve their bullpen. He's a guy who can hit triple digits with his fastball and averages 97.5 mph with the pitch. His slider held opponents to a .160 average with a .118 xBA last season. It should be even better getting away from Coors Field.

Speaking of Coors Field, Estevez has always been an effective pitcher away from there. His numbers have never looked great until last season because he pitched half the time in the worst possible park to pitch in. It's very reasonable to expect a career year out of this right-hander.

The Angels should be an improved ballclub and that means there should be way more save opportunities. If Estevez lives up to his potential and is racking up saves, he'll be a first-time all-star for the Halos.

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