3 Angels players who have turned their seasons around for the better, 2 for the worst

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LA Angels pitcher Tyler Anderson is finally delivering consistent quality outings after a rough start to his Angels tenure

A couple of months into the season, it was fair to say Tyler Anderson was the worst free agent signing of the offseason. He went from being one of the best starting pitchers in baseball last season to one of the worst this season. Fortunately, he's turned his season around.

Through his first 12 starts of the season, Anderson had a 5.80 ERA in 63.2 innings pitched. He had some solid starts, but also had plenty of outings in which he looked uncompetitive out there. His walks and home runs shot up while the strikeouts plummeted.

Since his June 18th start in Kansas City, Anderson has been a whole lot better. The southpaw has a 3.54 ERA and a 3.32 FIP in his eight appearances (seven starts) since. His walks are still high, but he's done a much better job limiting the long ball, and he's been effective virtually every time out.

He's allowed three runs or fewer in every appearance but one, and he's given the Angels a bit more length as well.

His season ERA of 4.92 is not at all what the Angels envisioned it'd be, but he's been a whole lot better than he was. The last eight appearances from Anderson is what Angels fans expected to see from him all year. If he continues to be this solid down the stretch, his overall numbers will continue to look much better.