3 Angels players who should be non-tendered

There is no reason to keep these three players on the 40-man roster

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3) Jose Marte

It's easy to see why the Angels like Jose Marte as much as they do. He throws hard with a decent change-up and cutter. When he locates, there's definitely some potential. The problem is, he's shown no signs of ever having enough control to be successful in the majors.

Marte made ten appearances for the Angels in September and struggled mightily in most of them. His 8.68 ERA was inflated from one particularly awful outing when he allowed five runs in an inning of work against the Twins, but he issued a free pass in six of his ten appearances and gave up three home runs in just 9.1 innings pitched.

In 25 MLB appearances across the last three seasons for the Angels, the right-hander has posted an 8.14 ERA in 24.1 innings pitched, and has walked 28 batters. He has never looked close to a MLB-caliber pitcher, and hasn't given much of a reason for the team to keep him around on the 40-man roster.

There are reasons to believe Marte will stick around. The front office clearly likes him, he has options, and he's not arbitration-eligible yet. These are all fine reasons, but do you really ever envision yourself trusting this guy in games that matter? It's one thing to watch Marte struggle in September when the Angels are out of it, but it's another to watch him in April. Get a better arm in here to take his spot.