3 Angels players who should replace Hunter Renfroe if he gets claimed on waivers

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3) Michael Stefanic should replace Hunter Renfroe on the LA Angels roster if Renfroe gets claimed on waivers

The fit here is weird, but Michael Stefanic is a player who just needs a chance at some point to see if he can hit at the MLB level. We know he can hit in the minors. He's hitting .357 with a .915 OPS in AAA Salt Lake this season, and has displayed an outstanding hit tool throughout the entirety of his minor league career. It just hasn't translated to the majors yet.

Stefanic has hit under .200 in each of his MLB stints. He played 25 games in 2022 and 11 games this season. Discouraging for sure, but with only 82 sporadic at-bats in his MLB career, it's time to give him a shot.

The fit is weird because Stefanic is an infielder. He's really only a second baseman which makes things complicated. Brandon Drury has experience in the outfield but hasn't had any reps there this season. Luis Rengifo will likely move out there opening up the shortstop spot, but Stefanic isn't really a shortstop. Stefanic also has five appearances in the outfield in the minors, but none this season.

At this point, where Stefanic plays isn't even at the front of my mind. All I care about is seeing his bat in the lineup and seeing if he can hit MLB pitching. These chances to gift a player consistent time don't grow on trees, they should do it with Stefanic.