3 Angels players who should replace Lucas Giolito if he gets claimed on waivers

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2) Kolton Ingram should replace Lucas Giolito on the LA Angels roster if Giolito gets claimed on waivers

If the Angels go back to a five-man rotation, the Angels can add an extra reliever. The one they should look into bringing back up first is Kolton Ingram.

The Angels southpaw is remembered for the role he played in one of the season's most devastating losses in Kansas City, but outside of that, he's had a really strong season. He had a 2.63 ERA in 23 appearances for AA Rocket City, and has a 3.49 ERA in 18 appearances in AAA Salt Lake. Having a sub-4.00 ERA in the PCL is extremely hard to do, so it's encouraging to see Ingram have that kind of success there.

Ingram doesn't have the same raw stuff that other young Angels relievers have, but he does a great job limiting hits and the home run ball. Ingram is a left-hander who can easily replace left-handed pitcher Matt Moore if and when he departs on waivers as well.

If the 26-year-old pitches well in September, the Angels might have one of their lefties set for 2024 and beyond. If not, they could have themselves a DFA candidate. Either way, it's worth giving him a month-long look.