3 Angels players who weren't non-tendered but might soon lose their roster spot

It's possible we see the Angels DFA players to open more 40-man roster spots.
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3) Austin Warren

Austin Warren will miss most, if not the entire 2024 season after undergoing Tommy John Surgery this past May. Warren had earned a chance to prove himself with the Angels after a strong Spring Training performance but lasted just two appearances.

The Angels keeping him past the non-tender deadline was a little surprising because of that, but it's also possible they could be planning on keeping him through the offseason and place him on the 60-day IL in Spring Training when that's allowed. Doing so would open up a 40-man roster spot.

I do think that's their plan for now, but if they plan on adding more than three or four players, Warren's spot could be in serious jeopardy. With the 60-day IL not existing over the offseason, he's occupying a 40-man roster spot (as is Jose Quijada) when he won't be pitching anytime soon.

The reason I'd assume Warren will lose his spot before Quijada is because Quijada is far more proven. Warren has shown flashes, but his solid 16 appearance stint to begin his career came in 2021. He was bad in 2022, leading to the Angels DFA'ing him last offseason. He found his way back on a minor league deal, but hasn't done enough since that DFA to earn him a permanent spot on the 40-man, especially while he's hurt.