3 Angels players who won't be on the roster by July 1

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels
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2) LA Angels infielder Michael Stefanic has to hit to stay

With the infield injuries the Angels have sustained this past week, Michael Stefanic earned the call-up from AAA Salt Lake. Stefanic was enjoying a fantastic season there, but he's always swung a good bat in AAA.

When Stefanic got his opportunities last season he didn't do much with them, hitting .197 with a .509 OPS. This season can be different obviously, but his spot is on thin ice to begin with.

With Zach Neto and Gio Urshela out, the Angels need versatility in their infield. While Stefanic has played around the diamond, he really is a second baseman. That's the only spot he's played at in the majors, and is the only position he's seen action at in the minors this season.

When Anthony Rendon is ready to play, he'll slot in at third base. We know Brandon Drury will be playing somewhere on the right side of the diamond. While Stefanic might be a better option than Luis Rengifo, the switch-hitter without options is going to be higher on the depth chart than the less-versatile player with options.

The spot the Angels really need to worry about is shortstop with Zach Neto out. Andrew Velazquez is filling in right now (and has performed admirably in his first three games) but is not an ideal starter. With Stefanic not being a good option at short, it feels a lot more likely to me that we see David Fletcher take his spot sooner than later.

Of course, if Stefanic is hitting the conversation might change, but until he does, his roster spot feels very much in jeopardy.