3 Angels players who won't be on the roster by July 1

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3) LA Angels pitcher Tucker Davidson doesn't provide much

Perry Minasian has done a nice job getting rid of players who have proven they didn't belong. He got rid of a big investment in Ryan Tepera despite the money he was owed. He got rid of Brett Phillips despite signing him this past offseason. When he feels a player doesn't fit, he lets them go.

This makes me question why Tucker Davidson is still here. As the only remaining piece from the extremely underwhelming Raisel Iglesias trade return, it feels like the southpaw is only here to help Minasian try and salvage something out of what is clearly a bad trade. Since Davidson is seldom used, that's the only explanation I can really come up with.

Davidson's role is simple. He's the long reliever. When a starter can't go long or a game is out of reach late, he's the guy who comes in and eats innings. While that can be valuable, there are two problems I have with Davidson still being here.

One, he's rarely used. Davidson has made two appearances and thrown a grand total of three innings this month. The Angels have been winning and that's a huge reason why, but if this team is good then a need for a guy whose sole purpose is to come in for games that are out of reach feels a bit unneccessary.

My other issue with Davidson being on the roster is there has to be someone better. Even if you want a long reliever, Davidson hasn't been great. He has a 6.58 ERA in his 14 appearances, and has an ERA of 13.50 in his last seven.

In his last seven appearances the left-hander has two scoreless outings. There has to be an arm in the organization the team will use more and have better results than Tucker Davidson. I don't care that he's out of options and that he's the last piece of the Iglesias trade. It's time to let go.