3 Angels players who won't be on the roster by June 1st

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3) LA Angels reliever Zack Weiss has options which will be used

One thing which has plagued the Angels bullpen this season is their lack of flexibility. Most of the pitchers in the bullpen had no options which meant the Angels couldn't send anyone down without having them pass through waivers. This is why we saw Aaron Loup pitching in tight spots and is why we've seen things like Andrew Wantz throw 40 pitches.

When the Angels DFA'd Ryan Tepera, not only did they get rid of a reliever who wasn't getting the job done, they also added some much-needed flexibility. Zack Weiss got the first call, and will not last the entire month. Optionable relievers have some value, and the Angels will take full advantage of being able to send Weiss back and forth from Salt Lake as much as they please for the rest of the season.

Weiss was solid last season in relief for the Angels. In his 12 appearances, the right-hander had a 3.38 ERA in 13.1 innings of work. He struck out 18 batters in those innings which is a good number, although the walks were high.

I'm not trying to say Weiss is a bad reliever or anything, but roster flexibility is important. When the Angels need a fresh arm, which will happen at some point, Weiss will be the guy to go down whether he's pitching well or not. We've seen it with Andrew Wantz, it's going to happen to Weiss. That's what happens when you're a reliever with options.

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