3 Angels players who won't be on the roster by August 1

When the trade deadline passes, these three players won't be on the Angels roster.
Los Angeles Angels v San Diego Padres
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August 1 is a date that all 30 teams, good and bad, have circled on their calendars. It's the date of the MLB Trade Deadline. All 30 teams likely won't be trading, but they'll all be active and the rumors will be swirling everywhere. The Los Angeles Angels, will hope to quiet any Shohei Ohtani rumors by playing good baseball for the next week.

The Angels are in a difficult position as to whether they should be buying or selling. If they buy they have plenty of areas to improve on and if they sell, they have plenty of players to trade away. Regardless, come August 2, expect this roster to look different.

With the roster expected to look different regardless of the situation, the Angels have three players who won't be on their roster. They might not be traded, but lasting on the roster through August 1 seems unlikely.

1) Gerardo Reyes won't be on the LA Angels roster by August 1

The Angels have middle relief issues. They're comfortable with Carlos Estevez and Matt Moore late in games, but the bridge to get to them has been an issue all year. We thought they sured it up with some young pitchers but Sam Bachman and Ben Joyce are both on the IL and Jose Soriano has struggled a bit of late.

Gerardo Reyes replaced Chris Devenski on the roster as the veteran landed on the IL. Reyes has pitched pretty well in AAA this season but it simply hasn't translated to the big league level.

Since his recall he's made two appearances and has allowed one run in each of them. He's gone 3.2 innings total and thankfully hasn't lost the Angels any games yet. This season he's made four MLB appearances and has allowed runs in all four in his 5.2 innings of work. That's not great.

Reyes has good stuff but often has shaky command. MLB hitters can time a fastball, he has to get all of his pitches over for strikes in good locations. Reyes is a reliever with options and considering the fact that he threw 35 pitches last night, it wouldn't be a shocker to see him get sent down today.