3 Angels players who won't be on the roster by August 1

When the trade deadline passes, these three players won't be on the Angels roster.
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3) Tucker Davidson won't be on the LA Angels roster by August 1

I honestly have no idea how he's lasted this long, but especially now that Jaime Barria is back in the bullpen, there's just no need for Tucker Davidson to be taking up a roster spot.

The 27-year-old pitched well enough to make the team out of Spring Training and pitched well in April, but since then, has barely been used and when used, has been ineffective.

Davidson ended the month of April with a 2.40 ERA in six appearances. He even delivered a scoreless inning in his first May appearance. Since then, it's been mostly bad.

He's made just 11 appearances since May 6. In those appearances he has a 10.91 ERA in 15.2 innings pitched. That ERA is skewed a bit from a rough seven-run appearance, but even if you take that out he has a 7.50 ERA in 10 outings. He's supposed to be a long reliever yet he's gone two innings or more just three times since May.

Angels starting pitchers have been better of late at getting deeper in games lessening the need for a long man. With Barria available out of the bullpen, the Angels now have two long relievers. And one is way better than the other.

I get that Davidson is out of options and is all the Angels have left from the Raisel Iglesias trade. Those things shouldn't matter. If you're trying to win, you can't have a guy who is barely used and boasts a 6.54 ERA wasting a roster spot in your bullpen.

Shohei Ohtani has more starts than Davidson has appearances out of the bullpen. Davidson has been here all year. That tells the story right there. He has a 6.15 ERA in 35 MLB appearances. I promise you, letting go is justified. If he succeeds elsewhere so be it.